Friday, June 29, 2012

How Squeek Came to Live With Us

One day I stopped at a different pet store than usual as I walked I heard them say "Well it will just have to be put down" Immediatly I charged over intent on finding out what IT was They were standind in front of an aquarium with two rabbits in it. I was heart sick. I asked which of the two they were putting down. They were suspicious why I wanted to know so I said I was looking into rabbits. They moved over and pointed to a soft brown rabbit in the corner with a foot pointing ing the wrong direction he was just lying down. I said let me take the rabbit it will save you the expense. They said no if I wanted the rabbit I had to pay THE NERVE THE ASSHOLES FINE so i went up paid thirty dollars then they said they couldnt let me leave without pellets and hay I told them I ran a rescue and didnt need these things they said these are the rules you understand so 15 more dolloars for the tiniest bit of hay i have ever seen and we were out of there When they transfered squeek into the box i held him for a sec he scrabbled like his life depended on it I thought oh dear he hates me and good he has some life in him They put him in this huge box with holes in it I got to the car. Realized the vet should be the first place we go Now I hated the thought of him in that box but our first encounter had not gone so well. Also a wild rabbit lose in the car not a goodidea when you dont have a spare arm to catch him. I though then I made a soft bed out of my winter coat and a sort of a net so he could not fall and let the rabbit out on the coat on the passenger side seat. He looked at me like what the hell I looked at him like I dont know He was tiny tiny I had never owned ANYTHING this tiny CRAP So to the vet we went the vet was thirty minutes away we drove squeek looked around slept I panicked Got to vet the vet said he was under nurished DUH and his leg was broken DUH but that it had started to heal funny and it had happened to early in his life with no treatment for us to do anythiing but help him deal with it SO NOT A DYING RABBIT SWOONS WITH RELIEF HE also tells me sqeek can never have a wire botton cage he grins at this knowing this is all I have at home cause angoras cants have anything but wire bottom cage *bangs head on table* He tells me the foot will be prone to all sorts of problems since the SOB'S that had him did not take him to the vet The vet also proclaims him cute as a bug and tells him to visit I LOVE MY VET SO squeek cant go home yet poor guy we stop at sonic and get drinks the car hop screams thinks he's a mouse HE hops in my lap like ya know this is kinda fun Next we go to pet shop two a place where they don't kill bunnies with squeek in my purse so he can approve the home All the hutches look small My goras have 6ft be 4ft cages to rest in WTF are these little things But squeek is a bit smaller vet weighed him at just over 1pd said he is about done growing All the horror stories about rabbits in small hutches fly through my mind I get an associate ask him to look in my purse I think he is about to call security before the purse moves I show him squeek ask him what size hutch he shows me this TINY thing Im like really (squeek and I turn scepptical eyes on the dude) Then we see it it's HUGE like not sure it will ever fit into my car HUGE it has a treat slide and a bell and a hidey whole both our eyes widen its amazing its a sultans palace The dude tries to convice us this could hold an army of squeeks What does he know Its awesome I tell squeek if we but this this day will take months to pay off to pay off on the credit card he looks at me in a way that clearly says but this is your job we also but treats and him a little harness so he can strengthen his leg All in all my little rescue bun was EXPENSIVE WE still go on weekly rides cause squeek thiinks the car is awesome

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Can I start off by saying that I have six cats. You would normally not expect a person with six cats to even see a mouse let alone have one in her house. However, I found a mouse in my hall this morning it was under a cabinet a cat was on top....... Pause for a brief time wherw i shrieked panicked jumped on things and threw cats at it. This was not productive. I gathered my wits and shoed the evil beast with broom and a big lid thingy into bathroom. Then I threw all available cats in there put a towel mountain under the door seem (to prevent escape) and waited. Now my bathroom is tiny. So no place to hide beasty. So i wait for the crashes and the booms and the chaos.................Nothing. I give it an hour.....Nothing. I peek in all cats r asleep. Really, really.....find the last two cats hoist them in......... Same result. Sigh ok fine I calll my dad he and my sister come over I throw them in the bathroom. So at this point in a bathroom the size of a closet we have an evil beasty mouse six cats and two humans......... I wait this time there is muttering my sister comes out says thier is no mouse i am imagining thibga that if their were a mouse the cats would be going crazy. I told here well sadly my cats r sefective i have been gaurding this door no mouse,has left she says fine u show us. So she rhrows open the door all the cats run out my dad is sitting on the shower ledge amd my shower sponge is slowly creeping past him. Jlook at him and say do ur sponges move. My dad just blinked loooool

Monday, January 2, 2012

Reading Challege

Hello announcing I will be taking part in the Witchy Books Reading Challenge you can find it here at I am going all out and selecting Witch Bibliophile 35 books whoot!

Friday, December 30, 2011


I've been thinking  alot about stress lately and how people cope with it differently, and I've realized I have got to have one of the stupidest ways to handle stress EVER.
It started my junior year in college I went to school in south Louisiana oh yeah TO effing hurricanes hit my school in its wonderment while closed for almost two months of the fall semester decided to reopen for classes but they extended class times and gave you five minutes to get between classes this was made harder by the fact that temporary building were set up to take the place of those damaged or destroyed. Now what made this harder was 1 my dorm with all my books was condemned, 2 there was really no place to get food or sleep. It sucked Soo during this crap when after a month I finally had a dorm room again my mom sent a care package in it was Pride and Prejudice the A&E version six hour long movie played on a loop through out the rest of the semester. Which by the end of the semester I've never been around a grumpier group of people in my life, and that is putting it very mildly. LOL
Come grad school my thesis advisor and the entire department were totally against women I would think I was being dramatic if their were not five other girls in the year along with me pulling their hair and crying while the men got to go to the teachers houses and get help writing their effing thesis NOT EFFING COOL!!!! Not that I'm still angry or anything NO not a bit;)
It was then that I discovered the books written around around the P&P World Continuations Alterations and the Fan fiction anytime I felt like going to the department head with a bat I pulled out a book. It calmed me down made me realize that a well placed whooops in his work I was the bastards graduate assistant was a better option. Ahhhhh silent revenge is better than jail.
Its continued on after my accident Amazon was busy though I don't remember a single word I read and I kept muttering about the blue lady (My sisters fault as she put Farscape on my computer and I drooled and watched and hallucinated)
So my point is find your pointless way to relax sometimes they can rock and save you from serious jail time :) Cheers

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well, tick tick goes the clock is counting down to HOLY SHIT, Ms. Dirty's supper. Learn more If youve been in a hole and not heard its Holy Supper time. Now I am doing this, however, there are a few tiny minor complications to my plan.
1 All the rest of the family are Christians and every time I try to bring up anything my mother just mutters about us NOT having a witch in the family.
SOOOOOOOOO I'm thinking she suspects don't know why maybe the altars in my house gave it away Hmmm Oh well Spy I am not just scared shitless of my mom dad could care less knows and says just let ur mother go sister is same as mum. Oh well sigh
How to do this without them knowing we are doing this. HMMMM
That's right Ladies and germs this notnot a witch is going ninja on their asses.
Step One Oh Mum why dont I cook Christmas dinner
Step Two U know sundays a very inconvenient day to have a big supper why dont we have it on Thursday.
TO witch she replied why and I said because.
I know not the strongest argument. But, this isss the time for peace not mothers having heart attacks. Sooooo I'm now cooking New Years Day Oh yes didnt see my abysmal failure coming did u. Oh well but its even better!!! You know why because we are a superstitious bunch Have to Have Cabbage=money and black eyed peas = luck.   HEHEHE  Soooooooo
Thats taken care Now I have also convinced them to do this old school, to honor our ancestors!!! Im so good   Oh yes we are doing all of the old family recipes Cabbage Rolls, Black Eyed Peas, Jello mold thingy, German Chocolate Cake, Tea cakes, Ham and Baklava (Mom says but we're not Greek and I said prove it) ohhhhh and bread homemade of course!!!! And mulled apple cider.
Now Im a good cook but Ive never made any of this shite before.  LET THE GAMES BEGIN
Ninja Rabbit says good nite

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello befuddled here

Hello well I have been trying to get my life in order (Giggle cough choke). Its not easy, see I was hit by a car last year insert life plan blowing up in my face, when I lost most of the use in my right arm. I was a professional musician at this point. What follows is a period of depression WHY ME..... WHAT THE HELL DO I DO, and not answering the phone because they were scary numbers and they did NOT want to sell me things and they were pretty angry.
So life had pretty much gotten bad, and my sticking my head in the ground screaming for people to leave me the F alone was oddly not working. SOOOOO. I cried. This also did not work. Funny I know I had put a lot of stock in the crying plan but nothing nodda. So crap. I guess I was going to have to do something. I hated leaving the house I thought people were starring, going see look she can only use one hand. Turns out I was only partly right:)
So I found a job which was step one now its only part time and Step two called some of the mean men back and made very nice deals that said I will give u a LITTLE if you will leave me the H alone. Im also cleaning my house I know totally novel idea there.
Ive also going to try and go back to school if I can scrape up the brain cells for it:)
Who knows Hopefully 2012 will be a MUCH better year. OH and by the way I'm a witch TATA